Celestial Events and Observations




Observe celestial events. Learn about the night sky and share the celestial wonders with family and friends.

SPACE periodically organises evening observations during special celestial events at schools and at public places to provide a great viewing opportunity to students and the Indian community as part of public outreach. Such events include conjunctions when celestial objects appear close to each other, Supermoon, Transits and of course eclipses. These observations not only provide a close look and spectacular views of celestial objects and phenomena, but also provide a way for SPACE to dispel associated myths by explaining the actual scientific facts, such as in the case of eclipses and Supermoons.

Description of Activity
Telescopes are set up and SPACE experts or the students themselves at schools explain the phenomena being observed and additionally point out the moon, prominent planets and constellations also in view. Participants also learn how to identify well known constellations and enjoy hearing about associated stories and myths.

Learning Outcomes and Benefits to Schools
By taking part or by organising celestial observations, students get the opportunity to learn about constellations, the night sky and how to use a planisphere and astronomy software as well as learn event conduction and presentation skills. The schools can use these observations to share this with other members of the school and to showcase to parents what their children are learning.

Current programme

Periodically, celestial observations are held at schools. Schools are invited to hold an evening observation with their students trained for handling telescopic observations at that time. These are school level events organised by students themselves. This is also an opportunity to students of Club Module 02 (including last year 2013-‘14).

After the programme we request schools to send us a brief report on the observation such as number of participants along with a few photographs.

Participation Certificate will be awarded to all schools who submit a report. A softcopy of a volunteer certificate will also be given by us, which the students who volunteer can receive from the teacher.


Many celestial observations have been conducted by SPACE for the public and by associated schools. A few recent ones include:

  • Supermoon observations with the public at locations in Delhi, Chennai, Ludhiana. This was tied in with myth breaking.
  • Oppositions of planets such as Saturn have been observed at public gatherings.
  • Meteor showers have been observed and reported


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