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SPACE FOUNDATION celebrated World Space Week this October
Mr. Sachin Bahmba, CMD, SPACE inaugurated World Space Week-2016 at SRM University
SPACE Foundation conducted the UN-declared World Space Week at SRM University, Chennai for the second consecutive year. Mr. Sachin Bahmba, Chairman & Managing Director of SPACE group of companies inaugurated World Space Week 2016 at SRM University on 4th October 2016 at 9:30am. This event was attended by Dr. R. Vasudevan, Head of Aerospace Engineering and the faculty, staff members and 200 students of Department of Aerospace Engineering, SRM.

Mr. Sachin Bahmba, the chief guest of the ceremony was formally welcomed by Dr. R. Vasudevan, HOD, Department of Aerospace. Mr. Bahmba, in his inaugural address, defined “Remote Sensing” which is the theme of this year’s World Space Week. This was followed by an informative and engaging session on “Remote Sensing and its future” by Mr. Bahmba. He explained the role and importance of remote sensing in agricultural monitoring, wild fire monitoring and control and in many other applications.

After the session, Mr. Bahmba connected the audience to one of his associates, Dr. Sanath Kumar Sathyachandran, Research Scholar, South Dakota State University over Skype to deliver a lecture on “Remote Sensing for wildfire monitoring and control”. He made a scintillating presentation of the research work he is currently involved in.

Mr. Bahmba then demonstrated the operation and assembly of a telescope and showed how use them to study celestial bodies such as Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn Rings etc. As a good will gesture he donated a telescope to the Department of Aerospace Engineering on behalf of SPACE. This was followed by a memento presentation to the chief guest by the Head of Aerospace Engineering.

The event ended with many students asking questions on Remote Sensing and Space Sciences. The University has now also requested to arrange sky observing and astronomy sessions from SPACE.
Dr. R. Vasudevan,HOD, SRM University welcoming Mr. Sachin Bahmba, CMD, SPACE Dr. S. Kumar, South Dakota University connected through Mr. Bahmba to deliver a lecture through Skype on Remote Sensing Faculty and students of the university listenig to the talk by Mr. Bahmba, CMD, SPACE, Remote Sensing Mr. Bahmba conducting a workshop on Telescope and its applications
Mr. Bahmba, CMD, SPACE presented a telescope to the university to aspire young minds Mr. Bahmba, CMD, SPACE throwing light on the various activities undertaken by SPACE during the World Space Week Mr. Bahmba, CMD, SPACE delivering a lecture on Remote Sensing Mr. Sachin Bahmba, CMD, SPACE, interacting with the erudite audience at the University
An interactive session by WSW National Coordinator-India, Mr. C. B. Devgun
SPACE conducted exciting programmes throughout the month of October to join the largest celebration of Astronomy, World Space Week.

WSW National Coordinator-India and President, SPACE Foundation, Mr. C.B. Devgun had an interactive session with the students of Bal Bharti Public School, Rajinder Nagar on 6th October 2016. Mr. Devgun started the session with a talk on Remote Sensing and its applications. This was followed by an interactive session with the students on space and astronomy.
Mr. C.B. Devgun, President, SPACE Foundation, addressing the students at Bal Bharti School Gangaram Mr. C.B. Devgun, President, SPACE Foundation, giving a talk about Remote Sensing Mr. Devgun, National Coordinator, World Space Week, felicitating the students at Bal Bharti School, Gangaram Students and Teachers engaged in the talk by Mr. Devgun, on the occassion of World Space Week
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