Universe in the School

The Universe in the School Programme is a unique model that popularises Astronomy and Space Sciences through a curriculum based academic educational program, accompanied by workshops, outreach events, competitions, trips and projects. It is organised throughout the academic year, and among all the classes (K-12) and all the students in the school. It is a self sustaining model, thereby requiring no additional funding from the School. It aims to utilize the Universe available around us to make the students learn Astronomy, Natural Sciences and Life Skills.

After researching over 150 schools in India, SPACE derived the concept of establishing the “Centre for Student Excellence in Astronomy and Space Sciences” programme in a way which is fully customizable, dynamic, empowering, simple, effective and sustainable.

The Programme introduces students to an enthralling world of Astronomy and Space Sciences through activities, experiments, games and quizzes. Students are not browbeaten into cramming facts and figures to prove their academic acumen. Instead, they are encouraged to ask questions and apply their reasoning to de-mystify scientific phenomenon. This approach not only makes them more confident in handling science problems, but also in handling real life issues. It also makes science pure fun!

This Program bridges the gap between Innovation, Education and Evolution. Where the emphasis for the schools is on the concepts:


CSE acts as a Resource and Guide Center based at the school, which implements various initiatives for the school. It allows schools to choose and customise all or what best suits it and offers its students the following:

  • Astronomy Club
  • Student Workshops
  • Outreach Projects and Events
  • Competitions
  • Projects
  • Integration with regular school subjects and curriculum
  • Tours and Excursions, Seminars and Talks
  • Community Development Programs and Student Exchange


Students of GD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar participated in Supermoon on Jan. 2, 2018.

Parents as well as students clicked selfies with Supermoon (Full-Moon at Perigee).
Not only they expanded their horizons of astronomical information but also clicked their first astrophotograph.