World Space Week




SPACE celebrates World Space Week in October, every year with more than 500 exciting programmes through the month of October with its associated schools and enthusiasts in India to join in the largest celebration of public space event based on a specific theme. SPACE encourages everybody to celebrate World Space Week all the way up to the 3rd week of October.

Theme for the year 2016 is Remote Sensing: Enabling our Future. The announced theme is an inward looking theme, which celebrates Earth Observation from Space for the betterment of the human race. It highlights a host of classic Earth Observation missions which emphasizes on applications such as environment and agriculture monitoring, land use mapping and new uses such as location based services.

  • Organise any Astronomy Event: We recommended our associated schools to hold any WSW-themed activities in during the month of October, and submit the report online to SPACE website which will be then compiled bearing the school’s name and sent to the World Space Week team at the UN.
  • Interschool Online Painting Competition: SPACE invited all to join the Online Interschool Painting Competition on the theme ‘Remote Sensing: Enabling Our Future’. This competition was organised only for our associated schools. Children from all classes are invited to join in the celebration with colours, and paint their imagination on canvas. They are requested to submit their entries directly, without any prior registrations.
  • ‘Space and Astronomy Talks – SAT’: SPACE has organised off-beat discussions on Astronomy and Space Sciences from guests around the world and get to know the latest in the field. The sessions were conducted through Google Hangouts.

Painting Competition


WSW 2016 Inter-School Online Painting Competition

As a renowned gesture in the field of art and creativity, popular Italian painter, Emanuele Dascanio has judged the competition to have its final winners.


Group I: I to III


Group II: IV to V

Group III: VI to VIII

Group IV: IX to XII

Most Popular

Winners will be felicitated at the SPACE Annual Meet 2016.

Congratulations to the winners!

Organise an Event

Suggested Activities

  • Build your own model space craft: Build your own unique combination of satellites. Makes for a fun day of real hands-on rocket science and space engineering!
    Use the links below, to the build Space Craft Model. Get print-it-yourself paper cutout satellite models:

  • Explore the world with Google Earth: Use Google Earth in the classroom to take your students on a trip around the world! Just download the latest version of Google Earth and start travelling!
    • Visit the Seven Wonders of the World
    • Visit ancient battle sites – What do they look like today?
    • Zoom in on the Pyramids, ancient Stonehenge or Cape Caneveral
    • Find your own house or school


  • Cosmic Evening: Organize any of the mentioned activity for a grand Cosmic Evening. An easy and fun way to get together, exchange views and ideas!
    • Space or Science Fiction Themed Costume Party
    • Space or Science Fiction Themed Movie Marathon
    • Space or Science Fiction Themed ambience to take a selfie and enter for Facebook Photo Contest

    Some of the famous movies could be Star Trek, Star Wars, Apollo 13, Armageddon, Space Cowboys, the Astronaut Farmer, Interstellar, Gravity, The Martian, Contact, 2001 A Space Odysseys, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, The Guardians of the Galaxy and many more.

  • Astrocooking: Organize a space themed cook off! This event could be a cooking or baking party making “space” foods. You could make cake pops that look like planets, alien cookies (the ones that don’t turn out!) or experiment with molecular cooking to bring science into your home!
  • Geocaching Field Trips: Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. There are millions of geocaches worldwide that are waiting for you to find them.
  • SuperMoon Observation: Observe the Full Moon while on its closest approach to Earth on October 16. Take out your telescopes and conduct observation for friends and neighbours!
  • Space Scavenger Hunt: Space in Your City Scavenger Hunt or Walking Tour – find the places in your city where space happens (planetarium, observatory, home or residence of famous space person or astronomer, astronomical clock, monuments, etc.)
  • Read the classic works of the Space Age: Read a sci-fi, space themed book or short story by authors.
    (Such as Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Aldeous Huxley, Ray Bradbury, Douglas Adams, Orson Scott Card, Robert A. Heinlein, Philip K. Dick, Larry Niven, Frank Herbert, H. G. Wells and many many more!)
  • Famous Space Themed Person or Object Talk: Dress up as your favorite famous space themed person or object (ex Sally Ride or Philae) and give a short talk about who you are and your accomplishments in School Assembly.
  • Spin off events: Discuss spin-offs from space to Earth to educate the public about how space does help in everyday life.
  • Science – Or is it fiction: Have a sci-fi to science event by talking about science fiction and how close it is – or not – to becoming science in School Assembly or classroom.
  • Meet your friends: A World Space Week meeting could be as simple as finding a cafe with an astronaut photo or Moon photo on the wall or meet for a picnic or walk under the sky!
  • Visit Science Centre and Space Exhibits: Visit science center, museum of natural history, aerospace museum or any other technically oriented Centre for Education for a space talk or a guided tour through the space exhibit.
  • Quiz Competition: Organize a WSW themed quiz competition. Get in touch with quiz organizers and team up with them to commemorate WSW with a fun, spacey quiz competition at your school.
  • Lectures: Invite special guests or subject matter specialists to lecture on topics of interest about space Discoveries, what space does for us in everyday life and other topics.
  • Conferences, Summits and Seminars: Organize a conference, a summit, symposium or seminar during the month of October. Invite special guests to speak, invite delegates, organize special subject tracks, and arrange a venue.
  • Space Facility Tours: Any space facility, ground stations, development and industry locations to open the doors to the public.
  • Educational Events: Open school days to have demonstrations and hands on science experiments for students. Have special guests visit the schools.
  • Industry Experts: Have industry experts go to schools and speak to students about their work in the space industry with demonstrations, experiments and real world applications of how science and math are necessary.
  • Star Party: Arrange a star party. Get some food, drink and a telescope on a clear starry night and you are set!
  • Planetarium: At the local planetariums have a party, lecture or event and ask the management to reduce rates or open up to the public for free that week

or any further assistance, mail us at


For Suggested Activities

It is recommended to register your WSW event before a week of its conduction. See a list of event suggestions on the ‘Suggested Activities’ tab. On completion of the event, please submit report to make your event count. Only schools who register and submit a report will receive a WSW certificate.

Associated Schools can register their event/ activity with us through SPACE Educators.

Non-Associated Schools can send their request at

Registration starts: September 20, 2016
Last date to register: October 20, 2016
Last date to submit the reports: October 22, 2016

For Online Inter-School Painting Competition
SPACE is glad to organise and annual World Space Week Inter-School Painting Competition for students at primary and middle level from our associated schools only. Entries should be submitted as the scans of the paintings or as clicked images of the paintings. The entries will be based on the theme, i.e., ‘Remote Sensing: Enabling Our Future’.

For details, rules & registrations see tab ‘Painting Competition’
Registration starts:
September 20, 2016
Last date to submit: October 25, 2016


As part of our World Space Week activities, this year we have organised ‘Space and Astronomy Talks – SAT’.

Join hangout on October 25 at 9:30 AM (IST) and October 24 at 9:00 PM (PDT) with Dr. Paul A. Rosen, Project Scientist, NASA – ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR), Jet Propulsion Laboratory-NASA, California.

SPACE CSE (Centre for Students’ Excellence) Schools can now join us for Google Hangout with Dr Jason Held, CEO – Saber Astronautics on Remote Sensing and Satellite Communications on October 17.

There are NO registrations required to join the online sessions. These talks are open to anyone who is interested in space. All you need is a Google Plus and click on the link provided.



SPACE has been very active in WSW:

  • SPACE schools have conducted a large number of events for WSW
  • 1000+ events done by SPACE schools over the years
  • About 80% of events reported from India are by SPACE
  • SPACE Foundation President Mr. CB Devgun is National Coordinator