100 Hours of Astronomy

100 Hour of Astronomy

100 Hours of Astronomy global project is organized as part of the IAU 100 years celebrations. In 2019, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) is celebrating its a centesimal day of remembrance. To commemorate this milestone, a year-long celebration to increase awareness of a century of astronomical discoveries as well as to support and improve the use of astronomy as a tool for education, development, and diplomacy under the central theme “Under One Sky”. This is a 100-hour, round-the-clock, round-the-globe celebration composed of a broad range of activities aimed at involving the public.
The event can crop up over four days and nights, from 10-13 January. During this era, people from around the globe will share the experience of observing the sky. For many, it’ll be their 1st glimpse of the wonders of the heavens through a telescope. For others, it’s the proper chance to impart their data and excitement, helping unveil the cosmos to fresh and eager eyes. It is one of the biggest events to take place during the 2009 International Year of Astronomy was the 100 Hours of Astronomy as a Global Cornerstone Project.

100 Hours of Astronomy | 100 hours with Stars | SPACE India

SPACE India brings this international platform to all the students and astronomy enthusiasts around the world who wants to be a part of astronomy popularization. Many of local events, “lectures by specially selected speakers, experts in astronomy, Night safari, workshops and sessions, exhibitions, special shows” and many more for the people of different backgrounds will be conducted throughout India. 100 Hours of natural philosophy could be a venture of exciting scope that seeks to involve folks from all walks of life around the globe and conveys a large number of messages, from the private advantage of astronomical data to the pressing issue of curb lightweight pollution.

SPACE India will be doing a live webcast by doing continuous Astronomy from various parts of the world for 100 Hours and making sure that astronomy is for all.
Anyone can set up an event, whether it is screening astronomy videos or conducting an observation for a few hours on a single day, only imagination sets the limit. The activities and events of a hundred Hours of natural philosophy can bring contemporary audiences to natural philosophy and maybe inspire young and budding scientists to pursue a career in natural philosophy.

Bazinga, To settle is not really our forte. So we are pushing our endeavor one step further and eyeing on making a mark in global records.

We are pushing our efforts to 100+ hours instead of 100 which will be a world record.

Everyone wants to be a part of the world records, it goes without saying.

So register fast and make a mark!

How to register |SPACE India

To be a part of this live webcast you can register (Link is given below) yourself and book a slot with SPACE India. Your efforts will be highlighted on the various social media platforms.
Clear your agenda currently for a hundred hours of discovery!

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