About Founder

Sachin Bahmba
M.Sc. Physics (Delhi University)

  • Founder, Chairman & Managing Director– SPACE Group of Companies
  • President– of India Chapter of Space Tourism Society (India Chapter), USA.
  • National Coordinator – of World Space Week, Asteroid Day India and International Astronomical Search Collaboration.
  • Founder– of Astronomica and ECA (Eclipse Chasers Athenaeum)

Mr. Sachin Bahmba is an Indian born entrepreneur and philanthropist who has been a pioneer in introducing and revolutionizing the concept of spreading Astronomy and Space Science in every sector from education to tourism and has succeeded in creating a new business dimension in India. He is a disciple of physics and hands-on science pedagogy; an educationist with more than 20 years of experience. He is also an avid amateur astronomer and wildlife enthusiast. Mr. Bahmba’s effort has been instrumental in establishing India’s largest private astronomy and Space Science Company. SPACE was started as a small company in 2003, with a few passionate amateur astronomers.Over the last decade, SPACE has emerged as a pioneer in this domain! It had grown in leaps and bounds, traversing a number of branches underneath the umbrella of Astronomy and created a niche industry, which is now recognised in the Indian and international community as pioneers and revolutionaries in Science Outreach.

Mr. Bahmba’s passion and vision to popularize science and spread scientific temperament among the masses, especially young minds, has led to the creation of the SPACE group of companies. His vision has been instrumental in the growth of SPACE company, from the initiation of new programs in the education sector to the development of Astro-Tourism as a concept & establishing Astronomy themed Tourism destinations all across India.

Under Mr. Bahmba’s guidance, SPACE has been at the forefront of Astronomy education and Outreach programmes. SPACE group are the first to introduce Astronomy into the curriculum in India. He is also the guiding light in the concept of Astroport, an organic observing and wildlife facility cum training centre to experience Astronomy. Mr. Bahmba’s has also made a strong contribution in the field of portable digital planetarium by redesigning the optics to achieve a low cost system. SPACE has also launched Astronomy related tourism to locations to observe celestial phenomena. In addition to these, he is also an avid amateur astronomer and wildlife enthusiast.

In his journey from the past decade he has made remarkable changes towards his goals few to count in different branches are :-

In industry – Mr. Bahmba created the largest non-government and non-profit employer company to create jobs in the field of science. He created employment in his company in Astronomy for educators and science communicators.

In education – Mr. Bahmba through his company (SPACE) innovated space clubs and exciting workshops, SPACE has now taught more than 20,000 students in all parts of India the concepts of science through the joys of hands-on science and experiential learning!

In Outreach – There are few remarkable stories under his guidance about the Outreach programme.
SPACE was the first to bring eclipses to the masses through land, water and skies – In 2009, SPACE launched the first commercial eclipse viewing flight in India, which flew at 41000 feet during the Total Eclipse in July 2009, to allow viewing the eclipse from above the atmosphere.

In January 2010, during the Annular Solar Eclipse, SPACE launched the first eclipse viewing cruise to Maldives from Kochi. Land based public observations have been attended by huge numbers. In fact, about 1 lakh, 40 thousand people participated and viewed the 2009 Total solar eclipse in Taregna which was also graced by the Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar!

SPACE Educational Outreach has also made impressive strides – through education programmes which bring real science to students!

In the All India Asteroid Search Campaign – students get the chance to look through telescope images and search for asteroids and through this campaign till now students have discovered more than 7203 asteroids, a remarkable achievement at the school level by any of the organization.

Project Paridhi is one of SPACE’s flagship programmes to measure the circumference of the Earth using simple backyard tools, it has been conducted in many heritage sites over India.

Astrotourism, which is in fact a term coined by SPACE – Tours are conducted to chase celestial splendours such as eclipses and transits. SPACE has also enabled large numbers of students to visit Science Centers such as Kennedy Space Center at NASA and attend educational camps.

‘Earthnauts’ has further extended such travel to include the realm of earth sciences.

‘Astroport’ – SPACE has introduced the first and a one of a kind adventure resort in a dark site, from which one can view and learn about the night sky. As it is known, city skies do not afford such luxuries of an unpolluted sky any more. One can enjoy the jewels of the sky even with the naked eyes. Additionally, in the tranquil surroundings of Astroport, one can enjoy nature and wildlife.

Through its Foundation – Mr. Bahmba has worked far and wide to show the beauty of the night sky to the masses and empower them through Astronomy. Through these programmes, SPACE have targeted many NGOs, rural populations, illiterate public and women in an effort to build skills and empower them through knowledge.

In 2016, SPACE Foundation was awarded funding from International Astronomical Union for their project ‘Sky on a Bike’, under which educators carried telescopes on bicycles to rural areas to show the sky to the masses.

Through his passion towards astronomy Mr. Bahmba’s got SPACE a privilege to be part of the Jantar Mantar restoration committee.

“Heliodyssey” is a pioneering project of SPACE India, under Mr. Bahmba’s leadership, it is a platform given to the young minds to learn one of the important concept of astronomy that is Solar eclipses by becoming a member of one of its student scientific expedition. SPACE, a national body working for the popularization of astronomy and space science has been organizing the solar eclipse expedition. Heliodyssey is an effort to stir young minds and bring a visible change in rationality and scientific temperament of Indian society.

Since 2006, SPACE has conducted five Heliodysseys, observing total and annular solar eclipses, crossing borders and mediums. Through these expeditions, the respective eclipses were studied, photographed and experiments were conducted.

Past Heliodysseys:-

Heliodyysey (26th March 2006)

Place: Turkey- The Expedition Was Planned To Observe The Total Solar Eclipse Of 26th March 2006. When Complete Darkness Fell All Over, Everybody Was Spellbound To See The Spectacular Eclipse, Specially The Diamond Ring.Heliodyssey Team Was Also Congratulated And Honored By The Respected President Lt. A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

Heliodyssey (1st August 2008)

Place: Russia –Heliodyssey Team Embarked On The Journey To Russia To Witness The Total Solar Eclipse Of 1st August 2009. A Contingent of 40 People Performed Scientific Research And Noted Their Observation. The Corona Of The Sun Was Visible For 2 Minutes And 17 Seconds.

Place: India – While All This Was Going In Russia 50 Centers Across India Held Public Watches Under Heliodyssey – India Segment. Space Observations At India Gate, Nehru Planetarium, Raja Garden (Delhi) Saw 2000 Observers. Space Club Students At 41 Schools In Delhi/Ncr Catered To 4000 Observers. Space Hyderabad Office At The Office Itself Looked After 100 Observers. Space Nodal Centers, At Punjab, Guwahati (Assam), Chennai, Jaipur, Wardha (Maharashtra), Across India Educated 400 Observers.

Heliodyssey (July 22nd, 2009)

Place: Hong Kong – A Young Team of Explorers Set Foot To Observe The Eclipse Under The Guidance Of Lt. C.V Devgun Sir. The Eclipse Lasted 6 Minutes And 29 Seconds.

Eclipse Flight 2009 – History Was Created When Space Organized The First Eclipse Passenger Flight In Collaboration With Cox And Kings To Fly Over The State Of Bihar From 41000 Fts Above Sea Level To View The Total Solar Eclipse

Mass Public Watch 2009

Place: Taregana, Bihar ,Almost 14 Lacs People Gathered At Taregana To View The Total Solar Eclipse. The C.M Of Bihar, Mr. Nitish Kumar Attended And Congratulated Space For This Unique Endeavor.

Heliodyssey (January 15th, 2010)
Place: Maldives – Space Partnered With Louis Cruises To Take 650 Passengers From Kochi To Maldives To View The Annular Solar Eclipse.

Heliodyssey (July 11th, 2010)

Place: Easter Island – Total Solar Eclipse Was Observed At Easter Island By A Gathering Of Over 4000 Observers For 4 Minutes And 41 Seconds.

Heliodyssey (21st August 2017)

Place: USA – The Great American Eclipse Was Observed From Huntigton Oregon USA. Solar Eclipse Was Seen Live Along With Discussion With Experts. Live Stream Was A Courtesy Of The Indian Expedition From Space Group, Headed By Mr. Sachin Bahmba, CMD SPACE Group. Duration of Partial Eclipse 2 Hours 38 Minutes.

Heliodyssey (26th December 2019)

Place: Sultanate Of Oman – 20 Eclipse Chasers Along With The Heliodyssey Team Observed The Annular Or The Ring Of Fire Solar Eclipse Of 26th December 2019 And Performed Various Experiments And Research. The Entire Team Was Amazed To See The Baileys Bead And The Diamond Ring Of The Eclipse.

Among many Accomplishments of Mr. Bahmba’s few to count are
Science Communicator in Media

Mr. Bahmba has given many public lectures. He has been featured in media including:

  • He hosted an interaction ‘Fireside Chat with Sunita Williams’
  • He was featured in the TV show ‘Young Turks’ by CNBC TV 18.
  • He was in a broadcast on RSTV about “Concept of Astronomy”.
  • Featured on a show of AIR FM Rainbow on Jan 21
  • Interview in New Space Global Magazine, Florida on Feb 6, 2017
  • He has represented Astronomy in many news channels including CNBC, Zee News etc with Astronomy news. He has featured in
    Franchise India magazine.

Digital Planetarium – Mr. Bahmba has redesigned planetarium optics to achieve a very low cost system, and has developed one of the best quality digital planetariums at a very low cost which brings it under the reach of a common man.

Astronomy Curriculum – Mr. Bahmba has been responsible for the release of several books and activities pertaining to Astronomy curriculum and teaching in schools.

Astro-tourism Concept – Under Mr. Bahmba, SPACE has started Astro -Tourism, which is a novel concept that combines bringing social economic changes in the society. It combines the fun of traveling and knowledge about space science. Under this program, students are taken on guided tours to follow celestial events nationally and internationally. SPACE has taken its students to various places such as China to follow the Venus Transit in June 2012, trips to NASA Kennedy Space Centre Astronaut Training Camp in the US, etc

Astroport – SPACE has launched the first Astronomy resort in the dark location of Sariska, to enable the observation and learning about the night sky.

Mr.BHAMBA is also an eminent personality in Astronomy & Space science, Mr. Bhamba has been an active & prominent speaker in TedEx, ISRO, JAXA & print & electronic media.

The feathers are countless in his cap but he is still thriving hard to achieve more and bring the SPACE group of companies to the place where we can say sky’s not the limit.