Aldebaran Occultation by the Moon

Aldebaran Occultation

Aldebaran Occultation : you all know that Moon was in front of the Sun on 1st September morning and Astronomers were able to see the eclipse on that day, although it wasn’t visible in India. Eclipses are rare events but that’s not the whole story! There is another celestial event of interest we can see from India (well most of india) on 15th November, 2016!

The Moon goes around the Earth (actually both Earth and Moon go around a common centre called Barycentre and the Moon travels around 13 degrees in a day, around 26 Lunar diameters) and while doing so it comes in front of stars and planets! So no need to wait for that elusive eclipse to happen in your backyard but you can in fact see an event called Lunar Occultation while sitting cosily at home (eclipse chasers would envy you for that!!). While doing so sometimes Moon comes in front of very bright stars and that event can be seen with naked eyes.

On 15th November, Moon will be occulting the brightest star of Taurus constellation – Aldebaran! so what have you people been waiting for? Grab your astronomy gear and get ready for the occultation!

Aldebaran Occultation

Aldebaran Occultation

As seen in the map above, most of India barring the southern part will witness the event where Aldabaran will be seen going behind the Moon and then coming out from behind the Moon after an hour or so. Besides being a visual treat to eyes, the event can be used to contribute something back to science by observing the disappearance and reappearance of the star.

Aldebaran Occultation, the brightest star in Taurus constellation, will be occulted by the Moon tonight. Watch for Aldebaran to disappear and reappear at around 20:38 IST, with reappearance at around 22 IST.


Circumstances from Delhi

Disappearance at 20:58:45 IST

Reappearance at 22:00:08 IST


Circumstances for Ludhiana

Disappearance at 21:0:03 IST

Reappearance at 22:04:32 IST


Circumstances for Chennai

Disappearance at 21:13:03 IST

Reappearance at 21:26:23 IST

Written by CB Devgun

President, SPACE Foundation

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