Asteroid Day on June 30th

Asteroid Hunters and those interested in Asteroids –

As you may know, June 30th is ‘Asteroid Day’! This is the 2nd Asteroid Day being organised internationally to bring awareness about the importance of tracking asteroids.

SPACE has been very actively involved in searching and identifying asteroids through the International project ‘All India Asteroid Search Campaign’ in collaboration with IASC. In 6 years, SPACE has 20 discoveries! In addition, in 2016 SPACE is collaborating with Asteroid Grand Challenge to bring the new concept of digital badging to all participants. AIASC 2016 started this week!

Here is a link to Asteroid Day:

Here is a fun video on Asteroid Day entitled ‘Scientists Rock’. Watch it here:… with narration by Neil deGrasse Tyson

What you can do:
To bring awareness about asteroids, we encourage you to post a few words about what are asteroids, or share your excitement about being a part of ‘Asteroid Search Campaign’ where you get to search for asteroids. This will spread the word to your friends about the origin of asteroids and the threat they pose. Please tag #SPACEIndia and #AsteroidDay on your post.

Here’s an art activity that can be shared with students to help them understand about asteroids:

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