Earth Hour 2020

Turn off the Lights and turn on the stars.

A brilliant initiative taken by the world wide fund (WWF) as a symbolic lights out event in Sydney on March 28th2007 from 08:30 pm – 09:30 pm, Earth Hour, since then and till now is one of the greatest and significant trump card to spread awareness in environmental issues in our global and local communities. An annual event held on 28th march worldwide, earth hour is an opportunity for individuals, households, corporates and communities all over the globe to show their support and concern for the planet that hosts them.

But what exactly is Earth Hour?

Ask a person, “when was the last time you gazed at the sky full of twinkling stars, filling you with pure amaze?? And you would see sudden despair on the faces of many, some might answer they don’t remember, some will say the last time they went camping. The increasing population of humans on the earth has a corresponding increase in inappropriate and enormous use of outdoor lighting smoothing the path for light pollution. And now here we lie beneath the vast stretch of an effulgently bright and illuminated night sky obstructing the visibility of distant stars, interfering with astronomical research and observational astronomy, withdrawing a lot of curious minds from observing the beauties embedded in the heavens above us. Not only this, but it also leads to adversities on the ecosystem and alters the natural conditions of the environment.

Earth hour is an occasion for the eye of the multitudes to experience a sky closer to what our ancients saw, that in itself is inspiring enough but here to add another goal, earth hour also reduces the world’s carbon emission by five percent!.

The importance and purpose of Earth Hour.

Earth hour engages millions of people all over the nations in more than 185 countries cutting off their power supplies for an hour by switching off the lights to hold up for our planet. Earth Hour can not only be constricted to the act of switching off the light but it goes far beyond that. Earth hour is an impetus for a positive impact on the environment and acts as a propulsive force to drive people in amalgamation to conserve the resources of the planet. A belief that is highly misunderstood by people is that earth hour is a carbon reduction exercise or an action to limit the carbon level for the hour. As stated by The Earth Hour FAQ page: “ Earth Hour is an initiative to encourage individuals, businesses, and governments around the world to take accountability for their ecological footprint and engage in dialogue and resource exchange that provides real solutions to our environmental challenges.”

A 2014 study published in Energy Research and Social Science compiled 274 measurements of observed changes in electricity demand caused by Earth Hour in 10 countries, spanning 6 years, and found that the events reduced electricity consumption by an average of 4%.

The first Earth Hour of 2007 marked participation of 2.2 billion people and over 2000 businessman who voiced up in union for the conservation of energy sources and escalating climate changes. Since the time being earth, an hour is celebrated on March 28th of every year and this year too we will record the celebration of earth hour under exceptional circumstances of a health crisis due to widespread of Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19). The theme of earth hour 2020 will focus on the ‘climatic action’ and sustainable development. The challenge is big but the opportunity greater.

Our actions today, as individuals and the global community, have the power to transform what the world will look like for generations to come — the time to act against climate change is now

One earth, 7.7 billion people. Together we can mark an impact and make a big difference. Let us all commit to turn off our lights during this earth hour from 08:30 pm till 09:30 pm, and reflect the beauty of the night sky owing to the fact that we by making a small change in our daily lives will make a huge change in the effects of global warming.

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