Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower

Everyone, all around this planet, tends to have a special connectivity with the night sky. Getting lost into the world of billions of stars, is fascinating even when one thinks about it. And when this night sky is adorned with a number of marvelous shooting stars falling from some radiant, the magic is augmented. When these shooting stars fall unceasingly in the sky, we call them a meteor shower, because they are meteors that happen to enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

One such meteor shower, Eta Aquarid Meteor shower has been occurring in the sky, from 6th July, 2017 and it is expected to end after 26th August, 2017. Most of sky-watchers have witnessed about 30 meteors per hour in the night sky during this period. The peak, when the most meteors are visible, will happen before dawn on 27th July, 2017 as per NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office.

These meteors appear to originate from Eta Aquarii, one of the brighter stars in the constellation Aquarius. (The point meteors appear to come from is called the radiant.) For people in mid-northern latitudes like India, the radiant is not be very high in the sky for observing this magnificent phenomenon. This marvel of the night sky is the best visible in the dark-sky site with a relatively clear southern horizon.

The best way to see the meteors, is to lie flat on back and look straight up. That way, one gets the widest view of the sky. At such a position, one can observe the meteors with longest streak.

These flashes in the dark sky draw a range of question in the inquisitive minds of general multitudes. Some consider them to bring good providence, others think them as natural fireworks. One may consider it’s meaning in any number of ways as per his choice yet these will remain one of the most striking spectacles of the night sky. If you don’t believe us then watch out these marvels tonight from where ever you are.

By: Ashish Mangal

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