Kalpana Chawla Space Settlement

Kalpana Chawla Space Settlement



SPACE introduces its premier outreach programme, KALPANA CHAWLA SPACE SETTLEMENT DESIGN COMPETITION, launched by Captain Sunita Williams, a NASA Astronaut of Indian Origin, with the complete support of Kalpana Chawla’s family.

The Competition has been launched for school students with the tremendous inspiration and encouragement received by SPACE from our former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, to popularize Astronomy and Space Science in India, especially among the youth.

Understanding the need for space settlements in the near future as a permanent human habitation off planet Earth, is an assurance and insurance for the survival of human civilization, by developing alternative locations off Earth where humankind could continue in the situation of natural and manmade disasters. The objective behind this competition is:

  • To foster innovation & problem solving among the youth
  • To broaden the vision of participants towards human habitation in space, its challenges & solutions
  • To inspire participants to think big & believe they are the change makers & leaders of tomorrow for not just India but mankind
  • To align the participants towards the goals of digital India, Make In India & Technology Development
  • To develop & promote STEM Education & Scientific Temperament (ST) Development
  • To popularize the cause of Women Empowerment, Girl Child Education & Women in Science.

By participating in this competition, students in teams, will address and design a future space settlement with the understanding of all scientific aspects, relevant to the requirements posed for that year.


Current programme

The Competition has been postponed till the further announcement.


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