Life At Space : An Inside Look

Life At Space : An Inside Look

Life At SPACE, Dream Big & the Sky Will Indeed Be The Limit!

At SPACE we believe in the synergy of active talent and skills at work, in generating remarkable performances with a single-minded commitment to produce extraordinary results and achieving the highest standards of quality in all spheres.

We call it the 'Spacian Spirit' - the spirit that inspires employees to challenge conventions, work better, try harder and grow bigger. In short, we try to make a difference each day to the life we lead, the organisation we work for, the nation we are proud of and the planet we live in.

SPACE follows a simple philosophy of believing in an individual as a unique being with his own potential and strengths. We believe in exploring an individual's strength and providing specialised training and growth, till they become an asset for the company, society and nation. At SPACE, we offer an environment where growth is based on the ability to contribute, perform and achieve – our focus is to bring out your best strengths. Minds are constantly in motion – researching, innovating and creating ideas. It is this mind-set, which sets us apart.

Our philosophy lets each individual grow in the direction they are best suited to and are most interested in.