National Hydrorocketry Competition




Design and create water rockets with simple material and launch them with different parameters to win in a National level competition. Learn about rocketry principles and how to make simple rockets out of household material!

SPACE will be launching a ‘Hydro- Rocketry’ competition for schools and colleges. In this competition students will launch rockets made with common material, by adding water and pressurizing it with air for launching. Water rockets have been a source of entertainment and education for many years. The objective of this programme is to arouse enthusiasm amongst students towards Rocketry and to demonstrate the scientific principles of rocketry and aeronautics in a ‘Hands on Activity’ way. This competition will be extended to the state and national levels giving students the platform to participate in a National level competition, which will make it the only National level Competition promoting rocketry in India.

Description of Activity
TThe students are guided by experts in a workshop to build and launch the rockets. They build the rockets by observing templates, and they launch it in teams, trying to optimise for speed and direction. The competition is judged on specific parameters such as distance, flight time and target proximity.

Learning Outcomes and Benefits to Schools
Students learn about concepts of Rocketry such as Newton’s Laws, fuels, pressure, streamlining, fluid motion, flight angle etc. They learn to work in teams and interact with peers. Schools are given the opportunity to compete with many others and winners are felicitated.

Current programme

SPACE will launch the National Hydrorocketry Competition in autumn 2016.

All details will be listed here.


State Level and National Competitions will be launched involving different age groups. SPACE previously hosted this competition at Nehru Planetarium where a large number of schools and colleges competed.


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