Following are the current offerings/ programs extended to franchises:

  • CSE(Centre for Students Excellence)
    It is an integrated learning curriculum at the school level, meant for the whole school. Providing regular and sustained hands on learning about astronomy and space science. In this model, a permanent educator is allocated to the school.
  • SPACE Astronomy Club
    A visiting educator approach for a fixed number of times in an academic year. A wonderful mix of observational astronomy, hands on experimentation, fundamental knowledge and basics needed to be an amateur astronomer.
  • SPACE Explorer Workshops
    Fun and hands on workshops, single or multiple day(s) engagement in the schools based on interesting, popular and relevant topics. Different workshops for different age groups are already developed.
  • Corporate programs
    Stress Busting, Skill development engagements, designed for corporate teams.
  • Planetarium (sale and rental)
    Franchise partner gets an additional opportunity to spread astronomy through mobile and fixed digital planetarium systems. A very popular method of learning globally.
  • Telescopes and related products (sale)
    A wide range of products are available for sale on commission basis from our sister concern.
  • Governmental Contracts
    Partnering govt. on project basis, for skill development, education, trainings and scientific temper development.
  • Teacher Training
    Enabling the teachers to be effective in science learning, and working with students on an experiential approach to learning.
  • Astroport visits from schools
    It is a premium sky observation facility launched by SPACE at Sariska, Alwar Rajasthan. It is an astronomy lab for the learning observational astronomy, astrophotography and other concepts.