Orionids Meteor Shower

Orionids in October

Its soon going to be a time when the skies will be graced by the Orionids meteor shower. Orionids originate from the Comet 1/P Halley and are active from October 2 to November 7. The shower will peak on 21st October 2017, making the weekend of 21-22 October 2017 (Sat, Sun) suitable to plan an observation. Observers will be able to see 10-15 meteors every hour from a clear and dark skies during the peak.

Fortunately in 2017, the date of the new moon (20th October, 00:42 IST) closely coincides with the Orionids peak. Orionids have a broad peak, which means night of Fri-Sat and Sat-Sun will be equally good to observe the shower. Best time to observe: Midnight to predawn hours. The activity will increase as the night progresses, the showers radiant lying in the club region of Orion will be very close to zenith near 4:30 AM making it the best time to observe the shower.

Meteor showers can be enjoyed with naked eyes and does not require any sophisticated equipment. Enjoy this years shower with friends and family. As you watch the shower this year, remember that the glowing meteors you see in the sky are nothing but some of the lost children of comet Halley.

Vikrant Narang, Senior Educator, Astrotourism
Inforgraphics credit: Mukul Yadav, Educator

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