Astronomy is a science that touches our daily lives in simple yet incredible ways. SPACE believes that we can connect with the masses using this science and help dispel superstitions. SPACE also uses Astronomy to foster interest towards science in students, by immersing them in hands-on activities and giving them opportunities in exciting projects.

In our quest to use Astronomy to build a scientifically aware society, we have launched a variety of outreach programmes that introduce the wonders of Astronomy to all. Besides providing a larger platform and exposure to astronomy enthusiasts for more than a decade now, our programmes continue to be intriguing and interactive. The programmes combine fun with learning.

SPACE welcomes everyone to join in our outreach programmes, conducted throughout the year.

Outreach is bifurcated into two types:

  • Associated member schools, preferentially open to client schools
  • Public outreach programmes which are open to all

You can explore each Outreach programme further through the listings.
Outreach for Associated Members

Our associated member programmes are aimed at providing a unique platform to students to demonstrate their knowledge to the global community and participate on National and International platforms in collaboration with organizations such as NASA, JPL, International Astronomy Search Collaboration etc. The international exposure not only helps them in holistic development but also helps the schools to reach out beyond their immediate community. It is a great opportunity to learn from experts and nurture their dreams.

These programmes comprise of projects that enable students to learn experiential science and build advanced science skills as well as soft skills such as teamwork, leadership, presentation etc. Exposure to cutting edge science, observatories and high-level data are made available.

Associated member programmes include:

Public Outreach

Public Outreach programmes conducted by SPACE aim to introduce the masses to science through the medium of hands-on Astronomy, thus showcasing the marvels of the sky and increasing scientific temper. They enable the public to participate in ‘Citizen Science’ and learn about current astronomy.

Public Outreach Programmes include:

Outreach Calendar
Our Outreach events and relevant celestial events are listed on our SPACE calendar.