Perseids meteor shower 2019

Let your eyes relax and mind calm from the depressing thoughts. Pack your bags, bring blanket and a thermos of coffee too. So that it will keep you warm and let you enjoy the beautiful cosmic firework during night time. When many of meteors are visible cruising through the atmosphere, which appears like a beautiful firework or a shower of lights, called meteor showers.

These cosmic firework are basically shown by the small pieces of rocks left behind by the comet while orbiting the sun on its path. When these left over passes through the Earth’s near orbit and get attracted into the Earth’s atmosphere because of gravity and burns up from the heat caused by friction. These burning rocks are known as shooting star in laymen language.

Perseids: How it is named?

Perseids is a name of one of the meteor shower, same as the name of various fireworks. Meteor shower are named after the constellations from which they seem to be radiating in all the direction in the sky. Since the radiating point of perseids is perseus. But it’s not a necessity to look for the constellation for observing the meteor shower as it can go far seen opposite to the direction of radiating point.

Perseids: The meteor shower!

The chunks of rocks which light up the sky with beautiful cosmic firework or meteor shower are actually the part of comet Swift-Tuttle, the parent of perseid meteor shower. The pieces from comet Swift-Tuttle bang into the earth’s upper atmosphere at some 130,000 miles per hour, lighting up the night time with fast moving perseid meteor. Comet Swift-Tuttle orbit the sun in a very long period which is about 133 years. It has a very eccentric- oblong- orbit.

Every year, between 17th july to 24th august, earth crosses the orbital path of comet Swift-Tuttle. So, this year it will peak on 11th– 13th August but it will be bit difficult to observe it clearly as bright waxing gibbous moon will be there in sky.

How to schedule the watch?

Remember…all good things come to those who wait. So, while observing perseid meteor shower you need to be patient as our eyes takes 20 minutes to adapt darkness of night. So, don’t rush the process. Try to find out a darker or open area, which needs to be less light polluted. An open area is required as these meteors can fly across the sky in any direction. So, enjoy the beautiful show with hot coffee under the sky.

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Happy sky-gazing!


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