Three Provisional Discoveries Announced for AIASC 2017

SPACE India and International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC) are proud to declare

3 Provisional discoveries in AIASC 2017. Participants from SPACE coordinated AIASC, in 2017 have achieved an unprecedented 3 Provisional Discoveries in the All India Asteroid Search Campaign 2017, Under IASC and AIASC programme, students got access to Pan-STARRS telescope data through which they looked for Asteroids.

The students got data from Pan Starrs telescope’s being used to survey new areas of the sky, state of the art CCD cameras, higher FOV, ability to see fainter objects.

The 3 Provisional discoveries are:

  • Yash Kumar & Khushi Rana, The Indian Heights School-Dwarka, New Delhi2017 MU is the provisional name of the asteroid, derived from object P10BDkd which was the preliminary name, by Y. Kumar & K. Rana ,The Indian Heights School-Dwarka New Delhi, India  Provisional, 6/21/2017, original name as listed by students was TIH0002)
  • P.K. Sudharshan & S. Mahadevan, Srimad Andavan Arts and Science College-Trichy, Tamilnadu (2017 NC6  is the provisional name, derived from P10BODB Preliminary name, by P.K. Sudharshan & S. Mahadevan, Srimad Andavan Arts and Science College-Trichy Tamilnadu, India, Provisional, 07/15/17, original name as listed by students was RSS3845)
  • Vardaan Chopra & Harsh Vashishtha, St. Thomas School-Sector 19 Dwarka, Delhi(2017 OE3 is the provisional name, derived from P10BRd3 Preliminary Name, by V. Chopra & H. Vashishtha, St. Thomas School-Sector 19 Dwarka Delhi, India , Provisional, 07/22/17, original name by students was  MSM0007)

Congratulations to the participating Students from India for this unprecedented feat, a major achievement at the student level, in the 8th year of AIASC conducted by SPACE.

So far SPACE has 1 Numbered Asteroid to their credit, discovered in 2010, 49 Provisional discoveries from earlier years + 3 provisional discoveries from 2017, making it a total of 52 PROVISIONAL DISCOVERIES SO FAR!

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