SPACE Astro Podcast Contest for school students in India

Keeping the boom of internet & social media in consideration, SPACE has come up with an innovative & contemporary method for enthusiastic individuals & students to educate people on Astronomy & Space Sciences through Video Astro Podcast contest starting Aug 10 onwards. The Contest will also promote Digital India Campaign announced by the Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi. By participating in the Competition, students will put out and display their talents on online media platforms, which has a large number of global audiences.

Students will choose an innovative topic, develop it with speech and expression and upload it online through the format of Video Podcasting, which is an easy and powerful way to communicate the ideas and messages. An individual can potentially reach a larger audience and attracts people Audio-Visual medium.




Through SPACE Astro Podcast Contest for school students in India, individual can broadcast their talents on online media platform, using internet, which has a large number of global audiences. It helps individuals to develop their ideas with speech and expression in Audio-Visual mode and share it with others to aware, educate, entertain and inform.

Students can register themselves on SPACE website with the link of Astronomy/ Space Science themed video posted and shared on YouTube/ FaceBook using hashtags #SPACE, #ThinkShootUpload and #DigitalIndia and compete pan India.

Students will be judged on basis of three categories – popularity or maximum number of likes and shares on social media, the most creative video, and the most innovative topic.

You can shoot a video based on Astronomy & Space Science. Upload it on your Facebook/ YouTube account & share with your friends.

Find More Details about the Competition on the SPACE Astro Podcast page: Click Here

Here is an example of an Astro Video Podcast:  Gautam Taneja of St. Columbas, Ashoka Road has made this pin hole camera for real time viewing and educate others about its uses.

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