SPACE Astro Video Podcast Contest 2017

SPACE India has received prolific and commendable videos presented on different topics in education Astronomy and Space Sciences. SPACE Astro Video Podcast Contest was launched keeping in thought the boom of internet and social media in consideration, SPACE came up with an innovative and contemporary method for enthusiastic individuals and students to educate people on Astronomy & Space Sciences through SPACE Astro Podcast contest (Video) starting Aug 15 onwards..

Students have chosen an innovative topic, develop it with speech and expression and uploaded it online through the format of Video Podcasting, which is an easy and powerful way to communicate the ideas and messages. An individual can potentially reach a larger audience and attracts people Audio-Visual medium.

As a renowned gesture in the field of art, science and creativity, Dr. Nimish Kapoor, Scientist ‘E’ & Head, Science Films’ Division, VIGYAN PRASAR. Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India and Mr. Dilip Jha, Programmer-Science Cell, All India Radio (AIR) has judged the entries and guided us to pick the best out of all shortlisted entries as winners in various categories. Following are the results announced under different categories. (Click here for details)

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