SPACE India announces SPACE Board Competition

SPACE Board Competition

SPACE announces SPACE Board Competition

This Childrens’ Day (November 14), make your students fly their imaginations to space. Considering the participation of students in events conducted by SPACE, we feel pleased to bring yet another opportunity called the SPACE Board Competition where schools will compete with each other. The competition is scheduled to take place in the month of November, 2016.

SPACE Board Competition is an effort to bring together all the genius young minds of SPACE pan India to show their interest, creativity, knowledge and team work. It is a platform where students get a chance to witness level of participation and hard work of other students.

The theme for the Board competition is ‘Life Settlement in Space’, where 5-10 students can participate by registering their teams. The board can display an imaginative or real world of space where astronauts have created a settlement and carrying out their regular tasks, but should not describe any scientists, life histories or achievements.

The entry has to be an original piece of artwork with innovative approach to it as per the guideline. A School can organize an intra-school board competition as well, out of which it can register the best board finalized. Awards will be given under the following categories:

1. Most Innovative Board

• First Prize: Cash prize of Rs. 3000
• Second Prize: Cash prize of Rs. 2000
• Third Prize: Cash prize of Rs. 1500

2. Maximum Number of Likes: Cash prize of Rs. 1500

Cash Prize to the team and a certificate to each participant will be given to the winning entry and winning certificates will also be given to schools. The Maximum Number of Likes will be based on the photograph posted on individual’s profile on Facebook, keeping Privacy Settings as Public. The post has to be tagged with @Space Technology & Education, using hash tags, #MyBestBoard, #SpaceArt. The Likes will be counted till November 25, 2016 and only be counted of the post which will be adhere to fair means and entry with fake likes will be discarded.

More details can be checked in the guidelines

The competition requires no prior registration and a school has to decide the best board and click 2 pictures of it to submit the online during registration.

(To register: Click Here )

This would be a valuable experience for any of the student who chooses to participate. We appreciate any help that you can provide by making sure that all interested students get encouragement to participate. This will motivate each individual and will help them fetch their level best as a team.

Registration starts: November 1, 2016 onwards

Last Date for Registration: November 25, 2016

Result Announcement: December 9, 2016

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