SPACE Board Competition



SPACE Board Competition is an effort to bring together all the genius young minds of SPACE pan India to show their interest, creativity, knowledge and team work. It is a platform where students get a chance to witness level of participation and hard work of other students.

This would be a valuable experience for any of the student who chooses to participate. We appreciate any help that you can provide by making sure that all interested students get encouragement to participate. This will motivate each individual and will help them fetch their level best as a team.

Current Programme

This Childrens’ Day (November 14), make your students fly their imaginations to space. Considering the participation of students in events conducted by SPACE, we feel pleased to bring yet another opportunity called the SPACE Board Competition where schools will compete with each other.

The students can design a board on the given theme of ‘Life Settlement in Space’, which can display an imaginative world of space where astronauts have created a settlement and carrying out their regular tasks and register the best entry with us.

The Competition will be judged by Daniela de Paulis:
She is an interdisciplinary artist based in The Netherlands. She exhibits internationally, often collaborating with other artists, scientists and radio amateurs. She holds a BA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Italy, and a Master Degree in Media Arts from Plymouth University, UK. Since October 2009 she is the first artist in residence at the Dwingeloo radio telescope and ASTRON ( where she developed, together with the CAMRAS and the ASTRON team, a technology called Visual Moon bounce. She is also the initiator of the art programme at the Dwingeloo radio telescope, allowing international artists to work in collaboration with radio astronomers and radio operators. She is currently a guest researcher at ASCA (Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis), University of Amsterdam, developing her research on Interstellar Transmissions. Since 2010 she has been collaborating with the international collective Astronomers Without Borders (AWB), as the founder and director of the AstroArts programme.

In 2013 she founded Cabine Voltaire, a pioneering online, collaborative platform for live debates on science, technology and the humanities. She has published her work with the Leonardo MIT Journal, Inderscience, Acta Astronautica and Cambridge University Press. She is a member of the international SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) committee as the speaker for SETI and culture. More information on her work can be found on and




Guidelines For SPACE Board Competition

Particulars Parameters
  • Life settlement in space
    The board can display an imaginative or real world of space where astronauts have created a settlement and carrying out their regular tasks. (MUST NOT describe any scientists, life histories or achievements)
  • A team of maximum 10 members can participate
  • Participants should be from class 5 to 10
  • All the team members MUST be from one class
  • Participant must from School only
  • Students can freely choose any Astronomy based interesting/ creative/ fascinating story line
  • Only one entry per school is allowed
  • No digital printing is allowed
  • Board should be of the minimum size of 1.5×1 meters
  • The entry should be the original artwork by the students
  • School has to pick ONLY ONE BEST board to submit
Award Categories (Team)
  • Awards will be given under the said categories. Cash Prize to the team and a certificate to each participant. Winning certificates will be given to schools.
  • Most Innovative Board:
    • First Prize: Rs. 3000
    • Second Prize: Rs. 2000
    • Third Prize: Rs. 1500
  • Maximum Number of Likes: Rs. 1500
  • No prior registrations required
  • Design a board and click 2 pictures to submit it online
  • Link to register
Image Format
  • Your images are best represented at 1000px on the longest side and a resolution of 300dpi
  • MUST be in jpg, jpeg, or png format
  • Mention your School Name, location and classes participated as image name while saving it your system, as Xyz School, New Delhi, Class 5 or 6 or 5-7 or 5-6
Maximum Number of Likes Category
  • Post MUST be on individual Facebook profile, keeping Privacy Settings as Public
  • Tag MUST include @Space Technology & Education, using hash tags, #MyBestBoard, #SpaceArt
  • Likes will be counted till December 10, 2016
  • Please adhere to fair means, entry with fake likes will be discarded
Important Dates Registration starts: November 1, 2016 onwards
Last Date for Registration: December 10, 2016
Result Announcement: December 31, 2016


Results of SPACE Board Competition 2016 are as follows:

Category: Most Innovative




Category: Maximum Number of Likes (Till December 10, 2016)