SPACE visits ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore

ISRO Satellite Centre

SPACE India is proud to introduce its young students to Dr. M. Annadurai-Director, ISRO Satellite Centre on November 11, 2016. These students have marked their names in the hall of fame of science by discovering asteroids as part of the All India Asteroid Search Campaign conducted by SPACE, over the last 6 years. This is a remarkable feat for young students thus proving that with the correct opportunities and guidance our students can achieve wonders.

In the introduction of SPACE India, the Director was briefed about the objective to nurture a young league of students and citizen scientists to learn Astronomy and Space Science through practical and experiential approaches.

CMD- SPACE Group, Mr Sachin Bahmba in discussion with Dr. M. Annadurai-Director, ISRO Satellite Centre

In addition, SPACE India also runs astronomy clubs, workshops and programmes in a large network of schools around the country to foster a love of science through hands on activities. Through our Foundation, we also promote scientific temper by introducing Astronomy to the public, bringing an enjoyment of the sky to the masses with an annual participation of more than 1,00,000 students per year participating in 1000+ outreach programmes.

SPACE has also opened the first Astronomy Observing Leisure Camp – Astroport at Sariska. In addition, SPACE is unique in being the only non government industry to offer employment in the Astronomy and space domain.

The Director and his team was amazed to know about the accomplishments of SPACE India just in few years of its establishment.

SPACE India is overwhelmed and encouraged with words shared by the Director as a message during the visit as:

ISRO Satellite Centre

“I am delighted to extend my warmest greeting to the students of India on their discovery of asteroids in ‘All India Asteroid Search Campaign 2016’ conducted by SPACE in India in collaborations with International Astronomical Search Collaboration. I appreciate the efforts of SPACE India for encouraging the young minds of the country.

My best wishes to all the 50 students and SPACE India for all their future endeavours.”

– Dr. M. Annadurai,
Director-ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore

Chairman and Managing Director-SPACE Group, Mr Sachin Bahmba with a team of SPACE associated researchers also met the Group Director-Program Planning and Evaluation Group (PPEG)- ISRO Satellite Centre (ISAC) and various other scientists during the visit.
The Team also got the opportunity to a visit to Satellite Integration area, ISRO test facilities, Space Exhibition and a presentation on Indian Space programmes.


Mr Sachin Bahmba, CMD-SPACE Group (R) presenting a momento on successful completion of 3 years of Mangalyaan mission to Dr. M. Annadurai-Director, ISRO Satellite Centre (L)

SPACE CMD also congratulated the Director on ISRO’s numerous trailblazing successes in the past years that has forged the Indian name in the future of space exploration. Most distinctively these include the achievements of Mars Orbiter Mission, Astrosat, IRNSS and Chandrayaan.

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