Success Stories



SPACE through its innovative educational programmes and far reaching Outreach programmes has achieved significant milestones and garnered many accolades on the national and international platforms.


  • SPACE was selected as experts in the restoration of Jantar Mantar, New Delhi, 2015
  • SPACE has won funding from IAU International Astronomical Union (IAU) Office of Astronomy Development (OAD) for the proposal ‘Astronomy on a Bike’, 2015 – 2016
  • SPACE management and educators have been present in many media interactions


In education too, SPACE has made its mark. Some recent achievements include:

  • The number of CSE and Space club schools have grown steadily
  • SPACE associated students have won admissions to reputed universities in India and internationally, based on their Astronomy experience with SPACE
  • SPACE has been invited by Colleges & Universities to be part of the INSPIRE Program
  • CSE students have conducted sessions/observations for NGOs to spread scientific temper
  • Many in-house high quality educational projects have been released by SPACE including around 120 Workshops for 2016-2017 and new Club sessions for 2016-2017
  • SPACE was an integral part of Indian Science Festival conducted by Fever Team. SPACE has also participated in the Crackerjack Festival.
  • Interview of SPACE Ludhiana Educator was featured on AIR, Punjab


SPACE has achieved many important milestones in the last several years. Some memorable ones:

  • All India Asteroid Search Campaign, 2010 – Current
    This international science project, has resulted in remarkable achievements including – 20 Provisional confirmed discoveries of Asteroids, as well as almost 600 Preliminary discoveries. 600 students and amateur astronomers have participated in this campaign from all over India. The discoverers have been congratulated by eminent VIPs and scientists. 2015 discoverers were recently invited by ISRO to watch a launch as guests of ISRO. The 1st asteroid discovered in this programme in 2010 has now been announced as a ‘Numbered’ asteroid which will be named.
  • Project Paridhi, 2010 – Current
    5000 students and public from different parts of India have participated. Earth’s circumference has been calculated to upto 99% accuracy. The project has been conducted at landmarks like Jantar Mantar, Qutab Minar and at the sundial at Barapullah. The project has been credited in an international Report on ‘Astronomy in Public Places’ in February 2013, by French Professors, Prof. Denis Savoie and Prof. Bonnet Bidaud.
  • Project Khoj-Search for Greenwich of India (2004 – 2006)  
    Project Khoj, a multi-phase project by SPACE, involved locating the Indian Standard Time line which was found to be near Mirzapur (82.5E) by a SPACE led team of a groups of teachers and students from across India. Khoj has found mention in the Oxford University Press text book “Maps, Measurements and Meaning”.
  • Vamana Project, 2004
    Conducted in 2004, this 3 phase project to observe the Venus Transit was the 1st instance in science education in India where an unprecedented strength of 25000 students from 250 schools participated from 16 Indian cities.
  • Eclipse Chasing Highlights
    SPACE is the first in India to bring eclipses to the masses via the 3 modes – land, sky and water! The first eclipse flight was launched in 2009 and the first eclipse cruise sailed from Cochi to Maldives in 2009. The otal Solar Eclipse in 2008 was attended by a public strength of more than 1 lakh!
  • International Solar Eclipse Conference, 2011
    The 4th annual Solar Eclipse Conference was hosted by SPACE in 2011. This was attended by eminent national and international scientists in the field of Solar Astronomy and Eclipses.