" It all started with the introduction of the ‘Astronomy Club’ in my school by SPACE, which proved to be the stepping stone for me to the amazing world of Space Sciences. The various activities, lectures, seminars as well as the star-gazing nights organized by SPACE were enriching processes to be a part of and have cast a long-lasting impression on my mind. I am highly indebted and grateful for all the help and direction provided to me by SPACE, and especially Mr. Vikrant Narang, for all his motivating words and guidance. "

Surmit Bhui, ex Module 3 student.

"This is to appreciate that the 'Overnight Sky Observation' Programme at Sariska for students of D.A.V. Public School, Sector-14, Gurgaon - Module 1 & 2 on 14th May, 2016 was very meticulously planned and effectively executed by the members of the SPACE team. All of them worked dedicatedly and enthusiastically with the students throughout the programme and motivated the students to observe the sky, celestial bodies, galaxies and stars minutely with all details. The accommodation and food provided were of high quality. The programme was a great success and we extend our heartfelt gratitude and thanks to your esteemed organisation and team members who were associated with this programme. This brings the programme that was launched in 2014-15 and got delayed due to some unavoidable reasons to an end."

Ms. Aparna Erry, Principal, DAV Public School Sector-14, Gurgaon.

"AIASC is an exciting project. Hope the children are able to follow the various steps involved and discover asteroids. Well done SPACE!"

Ms. Trilochan Khurana, Teacher-Coordinator, Bal Bharati Public School, Noida.

"Very well explained and interactive AIASC 2016 session. Good work SPACE team. "

Ms. Geetika, Teacher, Sachdeva Global School, Dwarka.

"Very useful workshop of AIASC 2016 and students got very good exposure. It’s always a pleasure working with SPACE. "

Ms. Geetanjali Kumar, Teacher-Coordinator, Amity International School, Sector 43, Gurgaon.

"AIASC 2016 workshop was a good interactive session. Learners enjoyed the session and learnt a lot. "

Ms. Preeti Joon, Teacher, Lotus Valley International School, Sector 50, Gurgaon.

"Very informative, educators were helpful and solved students’ queries enthusiastically during AIASC 2016 Phase 1 Workshop."

Ms. Sonia Das, Teacher-Coordinator, Amity International School, Saket.

"I would like to thank SPACE Team, Tanya and Abhinav for conducting such a beautiful session in our school on Astronomy Day on 13th April 2016. Tanya was very active throughout the session and was able to arrange for all the activities very well.

It was a great experience to launch a rocket and witness so many activities by SPACE. Students were completely involved throughout and enjoyed the Session. We look forward for such interesting sessions in the upcoming year."

Rekha Dhillon, SPACE Club Coordinator, DAV, Sector-14, Gurgaon.

"I would like to thank management, Educators and staff members of SPACE for such a wonderful arrangement made for LOTUS VALLEY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, NOIDA with best accommodation, food, welcome of students and teachers. Really a wonderful experience for all students and teachers. Looking forward to have more wonderful activities like this."

Neeta Gupta, Coordinator, Lotus Valley International School, Noida.

"The workshop was very well coordinated and executed as the resource people were very cooperative and extended support at all levels. We thank SPACE for this unique opportunity given to the students and the experience was amazing."

Geeta Goel, Delhi Public School Ghaziabad International at Sally Ride EarthKAM February 2016 Mission at Bal Bharti Public School, Ganga Ram Hospital Marg.


"I would like to congratulate the team of SPACE who did an excellent job on overnight trip for module 1,2 of Amity International School ,sec-46,Gurgaon. All the arrangements were excellent and educators took the session very nicely. Students had a great time. It was a wonderful experience and looking forward for many more such experiences in the coming years also."

Vibha Gupta, Co-ordinator, Amity International School, Sec.46, Gurgaon. 

"This program by SPACE is very informative about viewing the solar (sun). Rocket launching principle is enjoyed by the students. This has become food for the thoughts of the students. The students enjoyed a lot and therefore this serves a purpose thanks to SPACE for the flawless efforts."

Dr. K. Ramamurthi, Assistant Professor, SRM Univesity launched the Hydro Rocket in Sun & Sky watch workshop by SPACE at DST Inspire Science Camp--SRM University, Chennai. 

"It was an amazing experience, it is not every day you get to see the sunspots in the sun. I hope that they implement practical studies in schools from a younger age for better understanding of science."

Khanishkaa, a student participant in Sun & Sky watch workshop by SPACE at DST Inspire Science Camp--SRM University, Chennai.

"It was awesome experience, opportunity is not provided to every students, we felt lucky. Thank you SPACE for the golden opportunity provided to us. And we also came to know about how to see the sun safely."

Sowndarya, a student participant in Sun & Sky watch workshop by SPACE at DST Inspire Science Camp--SRM University, Chennai.

"On 10th December 2015, we, the students of Ryan International School, Greater Noida were in Astroport, Sariska. We all learnt several new things and enjoyed ourselves as well. Amanjyot Sir took our session. For a student like me, who wishes to be a future Astronomer, this was a really needed trigger to start my journey of becoming an Astronomer. It is also necessary to take part in your nearest Astronomy Club for the same reason. We learned about Houses of Sky, Constellations, Telescopes and saw many amazing things in the sessions. Reading from books or seeing practically, both varies. I found answers to many of my questions which were alive inside my mind. I was satisfied. At least.. This was my first step ..
All I can say is to thank SPACE that they are developing interest in Astronomy for students and I wish there could have been more modules than 2 at our school level. On the whole, it was a wonderful experience.
Thanks SPACE.."

Ms Priya Singhal, Student, Member of Space Astronomy Club, Ryan International School Greater Noida.

"“PROJECT PARIDHI” launched by the members of SPACE Club was a successful event which was designed to sensitize the students about the environment of the Earth and to know about its geographical features. The event gave ample scope to the students to become “Student Earth Scientists" and helped them inculcate the good values required for becoming a resource person for the Nation to lead it to new heights. I wish to see the same zeal and enthusiasm in all the members of the Club in future as well. All the best for the same."

Ms Veena Joshi, Co-ordinator, National Victor Public School, Patparganj.

"We are glad to inform you that our school students had a great experience at Astroport on 7th December 2015. They learnt as well as enjoyed a lot. Our educator Ms. Riddhi from SPACE provided the students with an amazing experience of star gazing and a unique learning experience through short stories. Even the food and tent arrangements provided by SPACE were excellent."

Ms Priyanka Bhardwaj, Co-ordinator, Uttam School for Girls, Ghaziabad.

"We are here to memorize the contribution of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam towards India. His dreams will always be alive in our hearts. As Dr Kalam said, I also want all of you to dream big and chase your dreams because you never know which girl out of you all will join SPACE or NASA in future. I appreciate the work of team SPACE. SPACE has provided a unique opportunity by conducting Rocketry Workshop in Government school with young girls for whom this kind of opportunity is hard to achieve. I will look forward to have such kind of programmes with SPACE for all schools and students."

Mr Rajesh Rishi, MLA-Janakpuri, Government of NCT of Delhi in Rocketry Workshop as the Chief Guest to commemorate Indian Missile Man and former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s birthday and to celebrate World Space Week 2015 on October 15, 2015 at Government Girls’ Senior Secondary School No. 2, Janakpuri, New Delhi.

"The program has created enthusiasm and zeal to dream big among the students. I thank SPACE for having the workshop at our school with students and teachers. The workshop provided the knowledge about many facts of Science and Rockets which is worth appreciating."

Ms Ram Rati, Vice Principal, Government Girls’ Senior Secondary School No. 2, Janakpuri.

"It was very interesting and everyone enjoyed the workshop. Science is learnt with fun and not with theories for the very first time. Thanks SPACE for having fun-learning workshop for our school."

Mr Vijay Thakran, Admin In-charge, Government Girls’ Senior Secondary School No. 2, Janakpuri.

"One of the best way to make the students understand and it is a very informative lively for the students of this level. I will make our best efforts to have such sessions with SPACE in future also."

Ms Sunita Gaur, Vice Principal, Government Girls’ Senior Secondary School No. 2, Janakpuri.

"Sally Ride EarthKAM 2015 programme session (10th Nov) has received quite ravishing reviews from the students. Thanks for providing world class glimpse of planetary snapshots/insight for students to enjoy and gain knowledge at the same time."

Preeti Katyal, Modern Delhi Public School, Faridabad.

"We get to learn more things about the space, which has fascinated us. We learn so many new things and when it comes to doing these practically, it makes learning fun."

Amy Deborah, student, St.John’s Public School, Medavakkam, Chennai during ISS EarthKAM Project conduction in Chennai.

"We get to learn more things about the space, which has fascinated us. We learn so many new things and when it comes to doing these practically, it makes learning fun."

Amy Deborah, student, St.John’s Public School, Medavakkam, Chennai during ISS EarthKAM Project conduction in Chennai.

"I will be failed in my duty if I am not able to thank Space-India for my futuristic carrier. Thank you Space-India, for everything you did for me.I own some of the characteristics of my good resume to Space-India. I was a space-freak person. I was travelling in unknown direction and I found Space-India and things has change and I am now travelling in clear sky direction. Thank you Space India."

Ronaldo Laishram, Discoverer in AIASC, as an independent participant.

"Project Paridhi outreach program created enthusiasm, scientific temperament among the students. I could feel good coordination within students and even the organizer helped the students to learn practically which till now it was in theory."

Ms Rama Ramadas, Principal, Vel’s Vidhyashram, Chennai.

"It was very informative and interesting. It was an enriching experience."

Ms Padma, Teacher, RMT International school, Chennai.

"The session is very informative excellent. The concept as explained theoretically as well as practically in a very comfortable manner. It will really create a good interest regarding space for the students."

Ms Premalatha, Teacher, Zion Mat.Hr.Sec.School, Chennai.

"One of the best way to make the students understand-‘I did = I understand’ and it is a very informative lively for the students of this level."

Ms S Renuka, Teacher, Zion Matric School, Chennai.

"Hands on experience was good, students actively participated in the program."

Ms M Ezhil, Teacher, Alwin International School, Chennai.

"The session was highly informative. It was a good experience for the students as they did it practically, students enjoyed hands on science using simple tools available."

Ms Sowmiya, Teacher, Zion Matric School , Chennai.

"I extend my most reverential thanks from the unfathomable depth of my heart to SPACE for the wonderful work being done by all concerned regarding AIASC. Needless to say, SPACE provided wings to two enthusiastic students- Master Aakash H Nair and Saumya Agrawal of our school to explore Space. These two boys have been able to achieve the highest laurel in the shape of Provisional Discovery of an Asteroid (2015PZ9). The Scientifically fragrant guidance, motivation and information provided by SPACE will help these boys go a long way in the field of Space Science. VKV’s association with SPACE will last till eternity."

Neeta Puri, Principal, Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Rishabhdev, Udaipur (Raj)

"The astronomy education provided by SPACE has sparked a desire among the students and teachers to know more. The modules were well designed and the students enthusiasm reflected effectiveness of the cause."

Ms. Sharmila Raheja, Principal, Uttam School of Girls, Ghaziabad.

"The Astronomy Day displays and activities are a reflection of the meaningful learning that has taken place throughout the year. Keep up the good work!"

Ms. Arti Khanna, Headmistress, Uttam School of Girls, Ghaziabad.

"Very informative. Good work done by the students. It’s great to see students keen to learn more than the usual."

Parent, Amity International School, Sector-6 Vasundhara.

A group of 40 students along with three teachers embarked on a 10 day trip to NASA on 10th June.It was a once in a life –time opportunity for the students to experience and know about space-from its dramatic past and exciting present to its compelling future.

This edition of NASA trip annually organized by Ryan Group of Institutions was very exciting and productive for the students who were equipped with the brilliant scientific skill set as well as the strong desire to know and understand spirit,thanks to the dynamic leadership and unmatched guidance provided by our Chairman Dr.A.F. Pinto and Managing Director Madam Grace Pinto.

Students spent two days touring the facilities at Space Centre where they had an interactive session with the NASA engineers. They were divided into four groups for various activities and training. They also enjoyed a 3D movie Hubble and got an opportunity to hear first hand stories from astronaut Samuel.T. Durrance.The students displayed great zeal while enquiring from him about his experiences in Space.

The students also visited the Museum of Natural Sciences where they did the Mission control activity under which they were asked to accomplish various mission challenges. The shuttle launch experience and the IMAX Film on International Space station screened for them exposed the students to the experiences of Astronauts.

The package was an exotic mix of edutainment. The students had an absolutely fantastisc time at Disneyland and Universal Studios where they enjoyed unique attractions. The visit to New York, one of the most enchanting cities of the world left each one of us mesmerized. The sight of ever imposing Statue of Liberty made our history books live in front of our eyes.

Last but not the least, It was an amazing experience to touch the piece of moon, which was brought back by one of the astronauts. To be very candid and precise, the thundering but rhythmic noise of Niagra still echoes and resounds.

Really, eagerly waiting again for such an exotic experience

Mrs. Seema Kasumra, School Administration, Ryan International School, Faridabad.

"Ryan International School,Sriperumbudur went for the Nasa Trip from 10th June to 20th June.
We thoroughly enjoyed the 10days trip, which was well organised. Thank you for making the trip funfilling and our stay enjoyable. The students were interested and excited as a team on every place of visit which contributed greatly to their understanding and was a good learning experience.
I would like to thank for the support of your staff and making the trip an enjoyable one. Special thanks to Astrotourism Support Team for the support and guidance given extended. Congratulations and appreciation for the whole team Have a great future ahead."

Sumitha Christopher, Headmistress, Ryan International School, Sriperumbudur.

"Thank you very much AstroTourism team for your very nice hospitality and planning of our tour."

Mr. Pradipsinh Vansadia (Family Group)

"Thank you Astrotourism team, It was a surprising and momerial day. Thank you for making my birthday special."

Mrs. Varsha Vansadia (Family Group).

"It was a wonderful experience travelling with Astrotourism to USA. The whole trip went smoothly and everything was beyond our expectations. In Miami , Millionaire's row cruise was a surprise ,we enjoyed our unique cruise viewing Biscayne Bay, the spectacular city skyline,the Port of Miami, Star Island and the Famous Millionaire's Row .Meals plan were excellent. Our tour guide Kushboo Dhavan didn't let the fun stop.The moments we spent are indescribable, and would surely love to travel in future with Astrotourism."

Mr. Satnam Singh Cheema and his family (Family Group).

"I would like to thank you whole heartedly for giving me this opportunity of becoming the part of this trip.
The experience was absolutely amazing and will always be cherished.
Our tour manager, Ms. Khushboo was extremely supportive, friendly and helpful in handling with any sort of issue. It was a pleasure to be in her company.
Thank you once again for organising such a fabulous trip. "

Mrs. Bimla Bist, Teacher, G.D Goenka School, Dwarka.

"The USA NASA learning tour with your organisation was indeed a thrilling learning experience. A fine blend of learning and fun , the tour proved to be an adventourous one. Great attention to each and every minute detail was thoroughly paid by you to ensure maximum comfort during travel . Be it the paper work pertaining to Visa Applications or round the clock assistance , your support is truly appreciated.
Our tour guide Mr.Sachin Bhambha's efforts, patience ,deliberations ,unbound energy and an infectious spirit of adventure  truly deserves a special mention.
Thank you and a big thumbs up to the entite team. "

Ms. Stuti Bhatnagar, Gd Goenka Public School, Rohini.

"My ward Sanjana of Ryan International Vasant traveled to USA with a Group. She came back home with tears in her eyes because she didn't wanted to come back home. She says that these were the best days and wants to back again. She is in class 12th and next year her school will be over but she really wants to go with this group of yours next year also. She is saying that she wished that the days of stay up were more. I am satisfied with your services and thankful to your staff for giving her such an amazing trip."

Mr. Sanjay, ( F/o Sanjana, studying in Ryan International School, Vasant Kunj).

" It was a tour which pleased our minds and souls to an extent which we can not forget even if we wish to. Right from the very beginning it was a very well organised and equally well executed tour. Inconvenience and confusion was long out of our way. Everything from  induction for Visa preparation to handling and preparation of documents, to make foreign exchange and US sim card available at the right time were managed with professional competence. All thanx to Mr Jayanto, Ms Sonali and other team members.

A very special thanx to Mr Sachin Bhamba for his valuable guidance given to the students and teachers at every stage of the tour. His explanations about astronomy made even commerce students inquisitive about space science and even science students got to know what actually science means. His knowledge, humour, care, guidance and singing abilities made us give him the name 'Magnet'. His management skills worked very well to impart education, entertainment and even modulating the behaviour of the students only to become independent and better human beings.

I truly believe that due to time and fixed itinerary constraints we got whatever best could have possibly be done but then also I wish that 'Arav' would also have been a part of the tour who unfortunately couldn't clear the Visa interview, we could get some more time in NewYork at the Time Square and the hectic schedule between Newyork, Niagra, and Washington be eased out. All the hotel accommodations were very nice especially the Seralago resort in Orlando but I think it would add to students delight if they could allow the students to shake their legs at least once.

Overall it was a memorable experience being a part of this tour. Thanx to the entire team."

Mr. Abhimanyu Gupta (PGT Commerce, Gd Goenka Public School).

"I am glad & obliged to the management for giving me a chance to visit Nasa ,being a Science graduate i myself got to learn a lot & i also got a chance to guide the students ,the trip was very fruitful as the children & myself came to know a lot about what is going on in & around the world & what scientists have done for us, the students got a good exposer , the facilities provided during the trip were awesome & home like guide & atmosphere was provided which helped the students to enjoy a lot , the place of sight seeing chosen were also good & gave educative information they were interesting & entertaining too. Students also got enough time & space to shop ,enjoy and the stay was fabulous .

The parents of all the students were satisfied with the trip and thanked the management / trip organiser for all their help."

Mr. Shailesh Sutaria, Principal, Ryan CBSE Adajan, Surat.

"At the outset I would like to express my gratitude for organising such a wonderful tour. The experience at Nasa was extraordinary especially the ATX one. At the other places of visit was a nice experience i.e at Disneyland, Universal studios and Niagara Falls. The tour was excellent!"

Mr. Nishit Vijayan, Principal, Ryan International School, Nasik.

"Thanks for the very well organized tour . I had a great time and it was a great learning experience and exposure for me."

Siddharth Anil Kumar Nai, Student - Ryan International School, Bangalore.

"It's quite good experience as it's well planned and an organized tour. Hope in future also we associate for tours."

YashGirish Dhuri, Student - St. Lawrence School.

"It was a great experience for me at Nasa. It was an enjoyable trip. It has always been my dream to visit Nasa. I had a great time at Disneyland and universal studios of island of adventure. I had shopped at Times Square and at von volt, there were total 250 shops! I also liked our visit to statue of liberty."

Ameya Warade, Student St. Xaviers School, Nagpur.

" Indeed children had best of the time in America. My son Rohil tells me about his adventures almost daily. All the people were very supportive and good to all. It was filled with fun and excitement!!"

Mrs. Kiran Khakkar, Parent of Rohil Kiran Khakkar(student of Ryan International School, ICSE Malad).

"Tour was fantastic; kids enjoyed a lot, thanks for your nice co-op all time."

Parent of Zeel Hiren Shah, Student of Ryan International School, ICSE Malad.

" Thanks a lot for all your support.  We had a wonderful trip."

Mrs. Diana Joseph Monteiro, Supervisor, St. Xavier High School, Mumbai.