Towards a Change : Earth Day, 22nd April’ 17

Earth Day, a day for our planet, a day to ponder upon what our planet is suffering from. Over the past 40 years, earth has gone under a drastic climatic change. Most of the glaciers and ice caps have reduced by almost 40% as of present. The pollution in the oceans, seas, rivers and other water bodies has increased so much that over 5000 people die each year out of water borne diseases and more than 1 million people, around the world, are deprived of fresh drinking water. Air in the cities is no more clean for any birds to fly in, what to mention about those who are living in these places. All over the world, 22nd April’17 is going to be a day that we refer as Earth Day. Earth Day is a yearly event that we are celebrating officially since 1970. Rachel Carsen, author of “Silent Spring” and a conservationist, during 1960s contributed to the first ever celebration of Earth Day by bringing the attention of the world towards the most critical situations that earth was drowning into. Later, in 1970, Gaylord Nelson and Denis Hayes, together, initiated the Earth Day.

This day has a great significance in the lives of each and every individual who exists in this world, as it gives us an opportunity to spend a day serving our planet. People around the world, can give up driving for a day , not use electricity for a few hours, clean water bodies and surroundings, plant trees in the areas that have suffered deforestation over the years, etc.

Earth Day is a day that should not be a yearly event; rather it must be celebrated every day. It must be our prior duty to serve our planet every day by performing certain minor activities, like saving each drop of water, generating less waste and recycling more, developing sustainable ways to living, relying less on electricity and saving it more, planting more and more trees to add on to our depleting vegetation, etc. and the list goes on when it comes to performing our responsibilities towards our planet, Earth.

Let us pledge to come together and stand for a cause this April, to make a positive change in the society by encouraging the people to save our Earth and develop sustainable ways to live our lives. Let us take an oath to be selfless in serving our planet and making it our priority.

For, if we will not come together now to protect our planet, then there would be no tomorrow to do what is required to be done now. This Earth day must be taken as a chance to make a difference to the climatic conditions, to our natural beauty and humanity. ‘A change of heart can bring about a change in the world’; keeping this in mind each one of us must live to protect our planet first. Therefore, this Earth Day, everyone must choose a cause to support for rest of the year. We must accept that we are the only force that can bring down this growth which is towards the extinction of mankind and this planet.

To make earth a better place for you and for me, several space agencies are taking initiatives on this day. To make it even better, one such step has been taken by NASA by inviting people from around the world to help them celebrate Earth Day 2017 by “adopting” one of 64,000 individual pieces of Earth as seen from space.

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Ashish Mangal
Educator | SPACE

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