Vipin Joshi Memorial Committee honoured teachers

SPACE wishes Congratulations to Mr. CB Devgun. President, SPACE Foundation for receiving the “Vipin Joshi Smarak Smiti” National level award for teachers in 2016

Vipin Joshi (1922-1961) was an eminent poet and writer in Itarsai. In 1985 eminent journalists and other social workers in Itarasi made a trust in his memory as “Vipin Joshi Smarak Smiti”. On every year during Teacher’s day this samiti award teachers and persons working for the upliftment of society and in education field. These has been the 32 year of the awards. This year they constituted “Saraswati Putra” Award as their major award for working in the field of education.

SPACE is proud to share that the ‘Saraswati Putra’ award in Education, was given to Chander Bhushan Devgun, SPACE India for his work in astronomy education and astrophotography, in 2016.

During the ceremony for receiving the award, Mr. CB Devgun also visited a tribal school run by state Govt (Higher secondary Excellence School, Kesla) 20 kms from Itarasi where a workshop was organized by NCSTC in field of science writing and journalism and he interacted with the tribal background students for an hour.

Find attached some images of the award ceremony and a newspaper coverage.


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